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Angara Vintage Style Citrine Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold qPBRUD5y
Angara Vintage Style Citrine Engagement Ring in Yellow Gold

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Our new ranking puts the Big Apple firmly on top.

New York and London are both powerhouse cities, competitive in everything from fashion, music, and finance, to now even start-ups and high tech. In recent years, the long debate over which is the world’s most economically powerful city has reached something of a fever pitch. In 2012, London Mayor Boris Johnson (who was born in New York City and is, for now , still a dual citizen) debated members of the Bloomberg administration on this score . And earlier this month in London, Harvard economist and native New Yorker Edward Glaeser Angara Aquamarine and Diamond Earrings in White Gold LLVntU
his hometown is fast losing its status to London. Indeed, London should be congratulated for its remarkable run over the past couple of decades, even as the U.K.’s economy has sputtered.

But the newest ranking of the world’s most economically powerful cities put together by my Martin Prosperity Institute (MPI) research team finds New York to be the clear winner.

Our updated version of the Global City Economic Power Index ( we introduced the original version in 2012 ) is based on five core metrics:

Overall Economic Clout: We evaluate overall economic activity by gross domestic product (GDP) as measured by the Brookings Institution in their Global Metro Monitor Map .

Overall Economic Clout:

Financial Power : We gauge global financial power based on think tank and consultancy Z/Yen’s Global Financial Centres Index , which gauges the strength of a city’s finance and banking industries.

Financial Power

Global Competitiveness: Here we use two measures. The Global City Competitiveness Index [PDF], by The Economist , includes 32 indicators of economic strength, physical capital, financial maturity, institutional character, human capital, global appeal, social and cultural character and environment and natural hazards. The Global Cities Index from consulting firm A.T. Kearney tracks business activity, human capital, information exchange, cultural experience, and political engagement in metros.

Global Competitiveness:

Equity and Quality of Life: Lastly, we include a measure of equity and quality of life, The United Nations' City Prosperity Index [PDF], which measures prosperity along five dimensions: productivity, infrastructure, quality of life, equity and social inclusion and environmental sustainability.

Equity and Quality of Life:

We calculate a city’s total score across these five indices, with 10 points awarded to a first place ranking, nine to a second place rank and so on.

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Alternative Titles: common mica, potash mica

Muscovite , also called common mica, potash mica , or isinglass , abundant Angara Oval Three Stone Peridot Engagement Ring with Diamonds UpKXosDHG
that contains Angara Diamond Halo Tanzanite Dangle Earrings in White Gold YPNipzWAw
and aluminum. Muscovite is the most common member of the mica group. Because of its perfect cleavage , it can occur in thin, transparent, but durable sheets. Sheets of muscovite were used in John Hardy Classic Chain Intersect Ring pdr0d2fmWY
for windowpanes and became known as Muscovy glass (isinglass), hence its common name. Muscovite typically occurs in metamorphic rocks, particularly gneisses and schists, where it forms crystals and plates. It also occurs in granites, in fine-grained sediments, and in some highly siliceous rocks. Large crystals of muscovite are often found in veins and pegmatites. One crystal mined near Nellore, India, measured 3 metres (10 feet) in diameter and 5 metres (15 feet) in length and weighed 85 tons.

Muscovite common mica, potash mica isinglass

Muscovite is usually colourless but may be light gray, brown, pale green, or rose-red in colour. The crystals are tabular with a hexagonal or pseudo-hexagonal outline; they are commonly lamellar and occur in aggregates . Muscovite is economically important because its low iron content makes it a good electrical and thermal Angara Natural Aquamarine 14k Solid White Gold Stud Earrings anbbM41RY
. Fine-grained muscovite is called Angara Prong Set Round Diamond Stud Earrings in White Gold bCb66CHjm
, or white mica . For chemical formula and detailed physical properties, see .

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, any of a group of hydrous potassium, aluminum silicate minerals. It is a type of phyllosilicate, exhibiting a two-dimensional sheet or layer structure. Among the principal rock-forming minerals, micas are found in all three major rock varieties—igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic.…
dating: Multiple ages for a single rock; the thermal effect
…another mica type known as muscovite and for amphibole, but the ages of both of these minerals can be completely reset at temperatures that have little or no effect on zircon.…
clay mineral: Mica mineral group
Typical examples are muscovite, KAl (Si Al)O (OH) , for dioctahedral species, and phlogopite, KMg (Si Al)O (OH) , and biotite, K(Mg, Fe) (Si Al)O (OH) , for trioctahedral species. (Formulas rendered may vary slightly due to possible substitution within certain structural sites.) Various polytypes…
, any of various substances that block or retard the flow of electrical or thermal currents. Although an electrical insulator is ordinarily thought of as a nonconducting material, it is in fact better described as a poor conductor or a substance of high resistance to the flow of electric current. Different…
Sericite,, fine-grained variety of either of the silicate minerals muscovite and paragonite…


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8th September 2015 at 3:17 am

I love the “we are stuck in poor neighborhoods” excuse. Fine, I’ll admit, those poor black neighborhoods suck. But did you ever consider leaving? It’s legal in every state. 500,000 Syrians are WALKING across multiple countries so they can have a safer place to live with JOB opportunities and you can’t call up your cousin pookie to help you move? Really?

And as far as the slavery and all that goes, guess what, you were the conquered people. You weren’t the only ones in history. Move on because it’s getting to be a tired excuse. And you are aware slavers weren’t over there with nets right? Like a fat European can run down a healthy African tribesman? We just bought the losing tribesman from the winning tribesman.

Somewhere in any groups history is a time when they were the conquered people, we all got past it, grow up and do the same.

6th October 2015 at 9:04 am

BTW many blacks have been leaving poor neighborhoods. But it doesn’t change the racism. It’s not as if cops, judges, and employers are only racist in poor neighborhoods.

Anyway, why don’t you suggest that poor white people leave poor white neighborhoods. There are more poor whites than poor blacks, more white welfare recipients than black. And studies have shown that poor whites in poor neighborhoods, that is to say when economic factors are controlled for, the rates of unemployment and crime are about the same.

Those poor whites are in many cases the descendants of various conquered people. They were either sent to the US as indentured servants or were escaping those who had taken over their homelands. Others were border people who had no clear nationality and were escaping the violence of governments on all sides. This includes not just the Irish, but also the Scots-Irish, the Scottish, Palatine Germans, etc.

The poorest neighborhoods, communities, and regions of the entire country include the populations who descend from these conquered people. According to your ideology, if you were to be fair and not racist, you’d have to argue that the majority of poor people who are whites have refused to move on, get past it, and grow up. I guess we should round up all those pathetic irresponsible poor white people and send them back to where they came from.

6th October 2015 at 12:15 pm

Only one group of 15% committing 50% of homicides are complaining about how they got here and how being in poor neighborhoods made them do it.

6th October 2015 at 3:03 pm

@J J H –

Let me make another thing clear about the data. You are making a common mistake.

The percentage of blacks committing a crime every year, especially in terms of violent crimes, is only a fraction of a percentage of the black population. The vast majority of blacks are law-abiding and hardworking American citizens, just like everyone else.

Rotterdam's Markthal (Market Hall) has coffee, cheese, fruit—and an LED light display.


As I'd guessed from the shape, the apartment was divided into five floors, with the largest one in the middle. The first level was a glorified staircase landing, the second a foyer and half bath, the third a kitchen and living room, the fourth two small bedrooms and the bathroom, the very top a lovely sunroom stocked with books and a chess set underneath where the house came to its point. Between each floor was a narrow staircase—although the owners had made several smart modifications to the house (tread on the stairs, custom-made covers for the rhombus-shaped windows), it still seemed like an impossible residence for someone disabled or injured. Everything was minimalist, with varying effects—as a New Yorker who lives in a cramped studio, I was already used to limited countertop space, but a life without closets seemed beyond comprehension. I wound up bringing only essential clothes, gadgets, and toiletries upstairs with me and left my suitcases on the landing so I didn't have to shlep luggage up multiple flights of stairs. And the unusual design of the homes, which tilt inward in a sort of awkward circle, meant that I could reach out the bedroom window and touch my closest neighbor's window easily. This proximity also gave me a peek into how the cube house owners customize their homes—some had flowers or artwork hanging up in the windows, facing outward for the benefit of others' views, while a friendly gray cat seemed to appreciate my waves from across the way. Most either didn't want to deal with the hassle of getting custom-fitted window coverings or simply didn't care about modesty, which meant I saw a handful of folks drinking coffee in their underwear in the morning.

A person who chooses to live in such an unusual home has to be pretty open to this connected way of life—fitting, since Blom was all about designing for communities more than individuals. Other modern architecture in town speak to this idea, as well: the new Rotterdam Centraal station, completed in 2014, which looks like a luminescent upside-down Nike swoosh, is an airy, open meeting place where people hang out even if they're not waiting for a train; the award-winning Angara Prong Set Heart Ruby Diamond Solitaire Ring in Platinum BAfgS1C6F
(market hall) is home to both the city's biggest food market, but also has apartments and offices surrounding the semicircular structure. On a walking tour with local company Urban Guides , I learned about the electric-yellow Luchtsingel, considered the world's first-ever " Angara Round Two Stone Emerald Twisted Ring in 14k Rose Gold EfxqEFwudl
." The bridge connects Rotterdam Centraal to various city projects, including a community vegetable garden, and people who donated to the construction got their names written on wooden boards along the side. Rotterdam is a city, it seems, where the structures are living entities, not creaky old museums full of antiques collecting dust.

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